08/01/13 15:00:26

#mindnodetips: Visualize Ideas You Have No Word for With Pictures

If you are coming straight from “real” mind maps, those that are drawn on paper, you will miss the ability to freely and creatively express ideas with a graphical representation. Sometimes when working with mind maps it is hard to find the right phrasing or even remember a word a particular idea represents. With a real-world mind map a picture or shape can be drawn to visualize what a certain topic and its sub-topics are about. It’s a bit harder in MindNode, because there’s no drawing feature, though there’s a workaround.

The OS X version of MindNode allows you to have images (jpg, png, …) in a node. Simply drag an image from the Finder to a node and it will be included. Double click the image to resize. Personally I also remove the node text most of the times.

Here’s the tip: have a graphic library of general photos ready in iPhoto. This way you can simply click Media from the menubar and they will always be available (not just in MindNode).

Using this tip you can also improve diagrams and organization flows.1

  1. Note: This post includes no pictures.