05/21/11 21:30:06

Give Pastebot its eyes back (sort of)

Don Southard had an interesting idea:

I was heart broke the day I read Tapbots blog post about the legal issues it was having over the Pastebot Icon. As a solution they removed the eyes from the icon but in doing so, the app lost the feel of being a Bot. While poking around in the iPhone OS I found conveniently placed “Beta” icons that brought my Bot back to life.

He suggests browsing a jailbroken iPhone with SSH and replacing the beta icon with the original icon. After a restart the beta icon (with eyes) should be in place.

I would add a couple of things to his suggestion. In case your not SSH-savvy go download iPhone Explorer or PhoneView.
Go to /private/var/mobile/Applications and find (or better search for) AppIconBeta.png. That should bring up any Bots you have installed. Among them should be Pastebot’s folder.
Open it and rename AppIconBeta.png and AppIconBeta@2x.png to AppIcon.png and AppIcon@2x.png. (As always make backups!)

Here’s a slightly geekier solution:

In my case I didn’t even have to restart my iPhone. Just activating “wobbly icon mode” or moving the app in a folder is enough to refresh its icon.

Thanks for sharing, Don.

PS: He’s looking like a soldier with his little yellow-black police tape headband. “Pastebot robot at your service, sir!”