07/30/13 15:00:38

mindnodetips: Make a List Out of Everything

I really love the two following copy and paste features:

First, paste: Often I read an inspiring article or a list of something, say some questions, and now I want to muse on the ideas this article suggests. Simply select the text and paste the list directly into a MindNode window. MindNode will do its best to create a mind map.

In the screencast, I edit the text in TextMate before going to MindNode. This is useful, as it is my case, when there is some text that you don’t want in the mind map.

This feature actually just creates a new node for every new line of text on your clipboard, even empty lines. All indented lines will become sub nodes.

This is even more powerful considering my earlier tip on OPML and writing apps. As a writer it becomes painlessly easy to move “lists” around.

The short video above demonstrates this workflow. But it also works the other way around. When selecting a node in MindNode copy (⌘C) will copy an indented list with preceding • to the clipboard.