05/20/11 21:30:06

Acorn tip: Moving Selections

One of the best functions in Acorn (that has been added in 2.0) is “Moving Selections”.
Most often I need to take a screenshot and clean it up a bit. Usually I would make a selection and then copy, paste, copy, paste, copy, paste…. That’s quite annoying.

Gus’ solution is simple:

You can hold down ⌘ and ⌥ (option) when using the arrow keys, and Acorn will continually copy + place your selection around as you move it. Hold down the shift key to make the selection move by 10 pixels each time you press an arrow key.

There’s also a short video demonstration available on Flying Meat’s help pages. (Which have been updated by the way. In case you upgraded recently there’s a ton of new tutorials.)