07/25/13 15:00:22

#mindnodetips: Connecting the Dots

Again, just a quick tip you may already know about, but I think it’s worth noting.

Working on larger projects usually means that mind maps become quite complicated. It would be great if there was something that would allow to connect related ideas, or things that stem from each other, somehow. Luckily there is!

When working on a mind map, it’s sometimes important to “connect the dots”. To connect ideas, simply hold ⇧ (Shift) while dragging from a node.

Customize the appearance of a connection in the inspector. You can choose from several arrow heads, the line thickness and style.

Here’s another tip: If you drag the connection arrow somewhere on the canvas, where there are no nodes, a new main node will be created when you let go off the ⇧ key. This becomes very useful when I will tell you about xxx in tomorrow’s tip. (Stay patient!)