07/22/13 15:00:31

#mindnodetips: Refocus on the Main Problem

This post is going to be about a rather inconspicuous shortcut: ⌘R. ⌘R is the shortcut to center the mind map.

The curious thing about this shortcut is not what it does, but what it does. For me it doesn’t just “center” on the first main node. When I work on larger, more complicated, mind maps, the Center Main Node function, also centers my thinking.

When working on new things, I get travelled away from the original point pretty far, pretty quickly. It is important to “center” back on the original idea and evaluate whether I am still on track.

I would recommend to use this function consciously. When you realize that you’re thinking has gone a long ways into one specific direction[1]. Then take a break or check on Twitter, come back to MindNode and hit ⌘R. You will instantly refocus on your original idea and you will see a solution emerge and maybe you will have to fold some of these Sub Nodes, so that you’re thinking stays more original to the center thought.

  1. That is when one Sub Node has grown quickly, almost as if it were a Main Node.  ↩