07/20/13 16:30:13

The various icons of Markdown for Keyboard Maestro 2

I’m working on the next big version of Markdown for Keyboard Maestro. Lots of new stuff is coming. A beta version is available.

These are the various icons I use at the moment:

Thanks to ttscoff for finding iconmonstr. I use lots of them as templates for my icons. Link, Image, and List, for example. Ordered list uses a slightly modified version of the Menu 2 icon, with Helvetica as its font. Another one that’s probably standing out is “Preview Selection with Marked”. It uses a hand-written “m” from a font named “Banks Script”. The “Convert to Markdown” macro uses Dustin Curtis’ [markdown-mark](https://github.com/dcurtis/markdown-mark “dcurtis/markdown-mark · GitHub”). Most wrapper macros use one of my favorite (nerd) fonts: Menlo. formd surprisingly uses Droid Sans Mono. Other options just didn’t look as good and close(r-ish) to the original.