07/11/13 18:14:49

Announcing #mindnodetips

I’m going to start a blog series here on MindNode tips. I prepared 30 tips that I’ll be posting over the next 30 days. One each day. They go online 10am Eastern Time. (That’s 3pm in Germany)

You can follow this series by subscribing to the RSS feed or you can follow MOSX on Twitter or Facebook, for these tips to arrive in your daily inbox.

Also, I’m going to use tags for this! Here on Tumblr each post will have the mindnodetips tag and Twitter and Facebook will have the #mindnodetips tag.

The reason I’m doing this is that I’m an avid user. You know that. I love mind mapping. I love to plan things, I love to read things, I love to learn things, but I also love to share things.

The series will start Monday, July 15th.