06/28/13 19:30:32

Unclutter, an unremarkable cloud syncing clipboard

Having something to sync text and files around from and to my various devices, that is a dream I have for a long time. First there was Pastebot. The next big thing was CloudClipboard, which I’ve been using since. It works really great, except that it depends on iCloud, which means that sometimes clipped content shows up immediately or maybe not.

Unclutter is a seemingly unremarkable app. It positions itself along the lines of Yoink and DragonDrop. The app is different in that it has three panes however. One to drop files into, a notes section and one that displays the current clipboard content.

Unclutter's three main panes

I should mention that Unclutter comes from the makers of DaisyDisk, so I should have know the app has more tricks up its sleeve. Unclutter has a preference setting that allows you to pick a folder where files and notes are stored.

File and notes settings

Now this is where things become interesting. As you can see in my screenshot I chose a different folder for notes and files, one that is inside Dropbox.

Unclutter’s files in Dropbox

When Unclutter is activated, it reads its notes file and displays the content, writing into the notes section and closing Unclutter causes the file to be saved. This way the notes are always in sync, transferring other files, such as images and PDf’s, is now seemingly easy.

On iOS, you ask? Nebulous allows instant syncing. You can also use my technique described here for leaving Evernote for Documents.

I have no idea, whether this was the original intention for the app, but it works really well. Unclutter is $4.99 on the Mac App Store.