05/03/11 22:00:06

Acorn tip: Selection tools, loving the details

Acorn, the best image editor for non-Photoshop users. Acorn 3.0 came out just recently and Gus, the developer of Acorn, has added a tiny little feature that I just discovered, which makes this app just so much more awesome.

Create a new image, select either the rounded or rectangular selection tool and start dragging from the center of the image to the edges. Acorn doesn’t, as opposed to other tools, create a selection that goes beyond the boundaries.
This is even more useful when Corner radius is enabled. Dragging out a selection without fearing to not exactly hit the edges. This way you can spice a boring, straight edged, rectangle up with some nice little anti-aliased corners.

I created the aforementioned “Alfred paste text to desktop” icon with this in only a couple of seconds.