05/21/13 14:32:01

Keyboard Maestro 6 Is Out!

Keyboard Maestro 6 is out today! I’m really excited about this. I’ve been playing with it over its beta phase. It’s really cool. Unfortunately in the middle of the beta phase I had to look for a new apartment and move. So other things were more important than the latest and greatest in apps. (Just as an apology why things seemed to have slowed down here.)

Keyboard Maestro 6 comes with a new and neat icon picket that allows you to customize the look of macros.

For me the addition of a debugger is the best new feature in Keyboard Maestro though. Developing bigger macros, like my Markdown library, can become tedious. With this debugger it’s much easier to find bugs in macros.

Since I’m still a bit out of the loop, I’d recommend reading Gabe’s writeup.

Upgrade is $25, a new license is $36. It’s a no-brainer.