05/04/13 15:30:18

Working Out At Home With an App! (Body Weight Exercises Revisited)

In Working Out At Home I recommended body weight exercises as a good free alternative to costly training in the gym. By that time, I was still looking for a good app for iOS for BWE. A couple of weeks ago I visited Cannstatter Gesundheitstag (Cannstatt health day) where a friend recommend You Are Your Own Gym (YAGOG).

The app is really great! I’ve been working out with it a couple of times now and the exercises explained got my blood pumping. The only “downside” for me was that I needed to jump to the hard exercises immediately. The “hardest” exercises are really hard. I tried one or two but failed. If you are new to exercising you will appreciate that you can pick from predefined workouts or pick easy, semi-easy, medium, etc. individual exercises. For instance, did you know that if you can’t make full push-ups yet you can progress from a very easy “lean against the wall”-push-up to more complicated ones?

Exercises are grouped into five categories Push, Pull, Legs, Core and Whole Body. This makes it very easy to find the right exercise. I wish the exercises were sorted/grouped within a group though. That would make it easier to differentiate pec exercises from delt exercises.

YAGOG comes with video instructions for each exercise. There are so many of them to keep you busy for a long time! Each exercise also has a More Detail view where you find instructions and information which muscles are affected. I like how “equipment” says “your body” most of the time.

The app is only $2.99. A steal if you ask me.