04/19/13 15:30:08

OmniFocus iOS Templates

Templates is a really nice plugin/attachment/addition/operating system for OmniFocus. Unfortunately we don’t have a working templates script on iOS, but with a little trick, we can setup a project as template on iOS.

To Create A Project Template:

Create project for template purposes
Put project “On Hold”. Project is now a template.
The iOS Workaround For Copying A Template

Set template to repeat everyday:

To duplicate, change project from “On Hold” to “Complete”.
New copy of that Project will appear.
Change original template back to “On Hold” and remove the repeat from both the template and the new active project.

I didn’t get it at first, so I made a little screencast to show you how this is done:

My project has two tasks, one with a due date, the other with a start date. They will be carried over, but not as you would think. I hope this helps your efforts to make templates for OmniFocus on iPhone/iPad work for you.