04/12/13 15:00:34

Why I've been so quiet

You may have noticed that the frequency at which I blog here my own content and don’t just reblog other people’s stuff has dropped dramatically. I wanted to write some words to explain what’s happening.

First, we are working on the new and improved Mac OS X Screencasts, which you can see of preview right here.
Second, I am working on “stuff”. Videos, something written, projects. The months since January have been extremely busy. Ever since January I sometimes work late at night until I fall asleep. I can’t talk about anything unfortunately, but the next thing you are going to see is actually close to being ready for publication. You are going to love this!
OK, third. As if that wasn’t enough, my girlfriend and I decided to split up and I need to move to a new apartment within this month. You can imagine how stressful this is.

I’m dedicated to this blog, our fans, MOSX (aka Mac OS X Screencasts), zCasting 3000 and the Mac and iOS community! I’m really excited for the stuff we’ve been working on in the background and can hardly stay quiet about it, but I’ve decided to stay quiet.

Looking forward to engage with you on the webs,