04/13/11 11:29:02

LaunchBar/Alfred/Keyboard Maestro scripts:

I just pushed a new update to the LaunchBar/Keyboard Maestro repository.

The new addition is a script called “Open Location”. Here’s the description:

Open Location: Takes a POSIX path from the clipboard and opens it in the Finder. Useful when, e.g., reading man pages that refer to a path.
Select text from the man page, trigger LaunchBar, type “open location”, ↩ and Finder will activate opening the path.
The script is even able to expand ~ and figure out whether a / is missing in the front (or a trailing slash is missing). In case it is, a slash is put in front and back. The script then tries to open that location.
If the location doesn’t exist, no matter how hard the script tried, it will simply quit and leave a warning beep to notify the user.

The script also runs in Alfred (Powerpack), and Keyboard Maestro.