03/12/13 22:00:00

Name Mangler 3: Now Mangles With Metadata

Name Mangler 3 is out, if you haven’t noticed already. I’ve been beta testing it and it’s amazingly wickedly fast. As beta testers we were told to do some heavy testing with big files and a lot of files. So I’ve quickly generated some data off of iTunes videos and some text files. I had about 40 GB of data from 5,000 MPEG files. Name Mangler didn’t complain. Never. It took a moment or two (meaning 1 or 2 seconds), but after that moment of working it had done its work. I was impressed.

I was testing videos and music files especially because Name Mangler 3 brings a function that I was wishing for to have in a renamer utility: Metadata based renaming.

We’re producing videos for app developers. We’re producing a lot of files during a project. (also rather big ones) Keeping an overview is really hard. Some people like to name their files, unnecessarily, with _ in their name. Some write CamelCase to make files FTP-save.1 This is fine when a project is running. It makes file exchange faster2, but for archiving it’s not so good.

With Metadata-based renaming we can now look into a file’s metadata, like the Spotlight comment, and rename files based off of that. If you want to re-organize your music library you can easily do that as well. I think this feature is the single best reason you want to buy this update.

Another function that’s really useful is undo. Accidentally renamed files can simply be renamed to their original name. How cool.

All the previous features are still there too. You can create Droplets to rename files quickly. Presets if you will.

Check out the Name Mangler product page.

  1. I have absolutely no idea why my people are so careful with file names on a Mac. I told them that I put Emojis in file names if I’m in the mood. It’s not necessary to be so careful. Oh well… 

  2. I’m going to put a file naming convention in place soon.