03/09/13 09:44:00

Have a Keyboard Numpad with Keyboard Maestro

Uli posted a link on App.net recently that caught my eye. A kickstarter for a little app that puts the key numpad back into MacBooks.

What a perfect excuse for me to spend some time in Keyboard Maestro!

You can download 17 macros down below that are enabled via shortcut. Currently it’s set to ⇧⌃F10, but you can set it to whatever you want. Once activated you have a key numpad on your MacBook set is set like this:

77 88 99 0+
U4 I5 O6 P-
J1 K2 L3 ;*
M0 ,, .. //

So to type 4, you would press U, to type 3, press L, etc.
If this sounds too complicated for you, included is also a cheat sheet. You can have a look at it by clicking its menu item under the Keyboard Maestro menubar icon.

It’s localized to the US English keyboard, but you can easily customize it to your own needs using Keyboard Maestro Editor.