03/01/13 22:00:21

How to Handle Uncompleted Tasks in Recurring OmniFocus Projects

Recurring tasks are problematic in OmniFocus for projects where certain tasks are not required to complete a project.

Take a Daily project for an example:

It’s clear that if I don’t meditate one day, nothing bad will happen, but the task should show up again next day. Ryan has been on this problem (for)ever since I tweeted about it. Just a couple of days ago he came back with this:

"@Zettt I think I finally found the best way after meeting with the OF guys. http://cl.ly/1L2d0b1k3D2B Key is “after completion””

After completion is indeed a possible solution to this problem!

I’ve been using this for a some days now and it works indeed as we/I/he originally intended. Only downside is that the project is “on-going”, which means it will never complete, therefore accumulating all completed tasks over time.