03/01/13 16:22:24

My iPhone and iPad Homescreens from 2013-02-28

This is an update to my continuing series of iOS homescreen posts.


The main thing that changed since last time is that I got an additional row of apps now due to the iPhone 5, which meant that I was very happy to move MindNode out of the Office folder. Reminders is also now on the main home screen, as is Due. Due is great because it sends one-minute nags for stuff like “brush your teeth”. Which sounds more like “BRUSH YOUR TEETH NOW! THEY WILL TURN BLACK OTHERWISE!!!” after 5 minutes.

I’m also using a YouTube app now regularly, named Jasmine. It’s free, but has an IAP for supporters. Downcast has been replaced with Instacast1.
Notable updated apps are Audible, which looks amazing now, but has an utterly inconceivable More Books screen that does nothing.
Zite has also had a major update, and luckily another update which got rid of the 2.0 icon.


Not much has changed on my iPad. Again, no Downcast anymore.

Now that I see it, I don’t use Newsstand anymore. I have been trying to read more magazines, but magazines just don’t contain the information I find read-worthy. Audible and iTunes U2 are more my cup of tea.

  1. I had a long rant post prepared on iOS podcasting, but deleted it recently. 

  2. Yeah, I try to learn new things in my free time. It’s stupid, I know. I’m currently doing a course on leadership, one on business planning and one on management. Coursera is cool too.