02/18/13 22:00:43

iExplorer: Access All Files on iPhone. No Jailbreak Required.

I wanted to give an update on my progress getting all my music back on to the new iPhone.

It turned out to be very painless!

"Before giving the old phone away, I made a local backup of my iPhone data.2 I plan to use iphonebackupextractor to get to my data. As soon as there’s a way to access/jailbreak the iPhone 5, I’m going to manually replace the directory contents so I can get my music back."

As you may have heard, evasi0n has been released two weeks ago. That was the opportunity I’ve been waiting for. I wouldn’t want to even start tinkering without a working jailbreak solution. I figured it would frustrate me.

Sadly I wouldn’t have to wait. iExplorer by Macroplant is an app that can access all your phone’s data without jailbreak! It’s pretty cool. On the right is a list with all your apps. You just pick one and just drag & drop files to transfer them. This way I was able to get all my music back into the apps.

iExplorer is also a great, indispensable, tool for app developers as it’s not only useful to get data onto the device, but also off the device. If a file is corrupt or a developer needs a specific preference, temporary, or other file from the device, iExplorer is the easiest tool to use.

Developers will want to pick the Retail version, priced at $49.99. Home users will probably pick Basic at $34.99.