04/04/11 19:00:06

Tools I use because they are good: QuickCal

I gave QuickCal a shout on my German podcast previously already, but I like to repeat that here now.

QuickCal is a tool that assists you by adding new iCal events. New events are described using human language. You can write something like:

Clean Aperture Library from duplicates 13-15 today


And QuickCal will go ahead and and figure out an events’ description, time and so forth.
The tool used to be free for the Mac, but its price has now 'increased' to a whopping $0.99. QuickCal also used to be a Widget, which is still available (and free). So in case you have doubts and don’t want to risk your hard earned money, you can check out the Widget here.

Last but not least: QuickCal now integrates with Alfred. (I love this) Type:

cal Clean Aperture Library from duplicates 13-15 today


in Alfred, hit ⏎ and QuickCal will launch containing that string in the entry field. All you have to do is confirm the event with another ⏎.
Further integration has been announced and will eliminate launching QuickCal after the event description has been entered in Alfred. (I love this even more)

Below are download links for the iPhone and iPad version of QuickCal.

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