02/14/13 17:45:00

OmniFocus's Focus mode in Scrivener

A couple of minutes ago @MSchechter tweeted:

> “@ScrivenerApp Thanks for jumping in and never forget, I’ll marry you all if you ever create a “focus mode” for the binder.”

I responded that Collections is the way to go in Scrivener, but Michael replied that it’s not as fluidly as OmniFocus’s focus feature. He’s right. I stated boldly that Keyboard Maestro could make a Focus macro.

Well…long story short.

To use this. Select some documents in Scrivener and activate Focus In. Selected documents will be added to a new Collection named Focus. Once done with focusing, execute Focus Out and the Collection will be automatically removed. (In fact any current Collection will get removed)

These two macro are controlled with ⇧⌘F to “Focus In” and a slightly different key combination ⇧⌥F to “Focus Out”.

Focus Out needs some manual adjustment since it uses the Move and Click action to click the minus button in Scrivener’s sidebar to remove the Collection Focus In creates. This sidebar has a manual width.

To find your right sidebars’ width select the two last actions in this macro and click Toggle Enable (⌃⌘E). Set the action to Move only and execute the macro. Try to set the X value to where your minus button appears. You shouldn’t have to adjust Y. After that enable the disabled actions and try it out.

With these macros you can move Scrivener’s window around. The clicking happens relatively to the top left window corner.

Just make sure not to select a different Collection. This macro will always delete without confirmation whatever collection is highlighted! If you accidentally selected a Collection you intended to hang on to…well…it’s gone.