02/05/13 08:12:00

MultiMarkdown Composer 2: An anecdotal story from yesterday

MultiMarkdown Composer 2 has just been released. A great update for the OS X Markdown editor. Our new illustrator just started working yesterday and she complained about the “flatness” of our documentation that we use internally. I showed her Marked and she said “now that looks much better”. I installed MultiMarkdown Composer and now she’s able to “keep up” with the rest of the team. It’s true! MultiMarkdown Composer is so easy to use that she’s now able to write Markdown, but don’t know Markdown. This way I get to keep my sanity and she can have typography. The world is good again.

MultiMarkdown Composer 2 is a solid update that adds a bunch of features. You can rearrange text by clicking in the TOC inspector. Listen to Systematic #29 for a short interview with the creator of MultiMarkdown and MultiMarkdown Composer, Fletcher Penney. Gabe was the first who wrote about it. Read his post for another point of view.

MultiMarkdown Composer 2 download.