03/30/11 19:00:06

Wednesday App Tip: Scroll Reverser

Wednesday App Tipp: Scroll Reverser

Lion is not out yet, but there’s already a lot of rumor about it. Apple said that Lion is the OS X where they were trying to bring the best of iOS back to the Mac. One minor thing that has changed, is scrolling direction, rather than following the old “mouse scroll-whell” approach where one scrolls down to move downwards, it is going to be the other way around in Lion.
This seems to be a lot more comfortable especially on a touchpad, where there is no scroll-wheel, therefore following the iPhone scolling direction feels more natural. In Lion scrolling is going to follow the “you grab the thing and then drag it around to see all edges”, e.g. in order to see what is at the end of a webpage, one would need to drag upwards.

A nice little app that just came out which enables this for all applications is Scroll Reverser by Pilotmoon Software. A free application that enables inversed scrolling.

Beware: This feels a lot different than previous scrolling and needs some “get used to”. After an adoption phase you’re going to love it. I’m sure.