03/28/11 22:46:00

Reasons I hope I'll never have to have an Android device

The title is interesting, isn’t it? But I can explain. As screencaster I’m not buying new “things”, because I desperately want them, I buy (or most of the time get) devices/software when a client needs me to have one and buying one amortizes the investment. What Amazon just did with their Appstore, makes me think about Android. I’m jealous the Android platform is growing so rapidly, but its Window-ish-ness disgusts me. Users don’t get that Google doesn’t think about the platform, they just reinvent Windows on a phone. Users tell me “This phone is working like my computer, that’s hella cool!” Is it? That’s nice to hear…not.
I don’t want to bring up all the other points all the other blogs already mentioned (to an extent), but one thing got my attention: "Remember, it’s just Amazon!"

After Amazon has published their "Getting Started with the Amazon Appstore" guide, they release a video describing how easy the installation process is.

Normally I wouldn’t write about this, but… seriously??? Does Amazon really not need to care about anything?
They could try to mention that it would probably be a good idea to change "Allow unknown sources" back to default.
Oh, yes, yes… that would mean they would have to admit that the Amazon Appstore is an alien “thing” on an Android device.

Dangerous for a normal user, and technically terribly solved. As many may know, the Amazon Appstore needs the user to allow installation from “Unknown Sources”. The guy in their ad says "Remember, it’s just Amazon!"


It’s just Amazon? Sounds trustful and harmless!

The whole thing is borked, right from the beginning, and, unfortunately, they will most likely succeed.
I could swear about this for hours, but I won’t. People reading this will know how terrible this really is and I won’t complain. I’m glad I’m on iOS. Everything’s save and sound here. Despite a couple hiccups here and there, but that’s all right.

The last thing I want to mention. A point I haven’t read in any blogs yet: Please have a second look at their installation instructions. Did you realize the whole damned thing is actually a picture?

"Blind people using a mobile phone? Non-existing! We have to keep our Corporate Design intact! That’s the only thing that matters!"

(Most likely not user experience design though…)