01/22/13 22:00:00

Final Cut Pro X Keyboard Maestro macros

I have added three macros to the Keyboard Maestro GitHub repository. They help me to do shortcut things in Final Cut, which can’t have a shortcut.

They are very useful for my daily work and use them quite a lot. (for a long time)


This macro clicks some 200px away from the bottom right corner to highlight the search field in the effects browser. (which, annoyingly, can’t be a shortcut assigned to)

Switch Playback Media

Two macros (activated with F1 and F2) to switch between proxy and high-quality/original media. Essentially what happens is the preference window opens, the second icons gets clicks, and then one of the two radio buttons before the window closes again.

Download these macros here.

Click a macro, then click on Raw and save the file to your computer.