01/08/13 22:00:50

Live Tutorial: Mind Mapping for Creatives

Mind Mapping for Creatives

If you missed my presentation on mind mapping here’s your second chance.

“Do you also have that feeling to constantly have thousands of new things on your mind while working, and need to sort those? Then mind mapping may be the right thing for you.”

I’m going to give the same presentation again, but this time online and in English. Participation is free, but in order to take part please mail me at contact@macosxscreencasts.com or send me a tweet to @macscreencasts. Facebook and Google+ work too.

Though participation is free, you can donate some of your money to support all our efforts. Any amount can be entered, but I suggest a donation of €5. It is not required to donate anything. You may choose to donate something after the presentation. The donate button is below.

Why is it free then? Because I’m a big supporter of mind mapping techniques to get stuff done. I enjoy to teach people about it and make them feel more organized.


No previous knowledge or experience is required. Come if you’re an analog person, too. The presentation is about the concept itself, not any specific tools.


See you there.