03/17/11 19:00:08

AppStore Links Setup Guide

One of the last changes I made to Mac OS X Screencasts was integrating a plugin named AppStore Links.
This plugin allows easy linking to iOS and Mac App Store apps using a convenient naming scheme:

[app #appidnumber]

AppStore Links is even able to format all links so they go through TradeDoubler, an affiliate platform where website owners can find advertising partners. TradeDoubler is one of our main advertising platforms and it’s nice to have an easier integration between iOS/Mac App Store, Mac OS X Screencasts and TradeDoubler.
The plugin also has the advantage that all links look consistent and it’s able to pull certain information from the various stores, e.g. version number, name, or rating.
Although AppStore Links works is activated and integrated quite easily, getting TradeDoubler set isn’t as easy. After having some problems by myself, the developers told me that this is a common issue.
That’s why I took a couple minutes to record a free screencast showing a step-by-step setup guide. They were quite pleased to see this kind of contribution to the project and link to it from the setup page in WordPress’ backend.

Thanks, guys!