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Mac OS X Screencasts NEWS 11.03.2011

This is not the place where I usually talk about news made to Mac OS X Screencasts, but I don’t feel like I will be recording a “news video” soon. In fact I feel exhausted and tired.

A couple months ago, almost right after I made the German Mac OS X Screencasts website go live, I knew I had to overhaul the whole backend of Mac OS X Screencasts. I call that project “MOSX Projects" and it’s still a long, long, long way in the making. This project includes:

So what did I do today? I did one of the peskiest things on that list, which is:

Open every single article and replace the embed code with a HTML5 compatible equivalent … manually1

I began at 13:00 and it took me until 16:30 to finish. Today I saw a lot of mess. Fortunately I saw all the screencasts I made from the beginning until now. They changed quite a lot and I’m pleased to see how my skills changed over the years!

Replacing means that screencasts hosted on macosxscreencasts.com have a HTML5 fallback, whereas YouTube videos are now embedded via iframe code, rather than the old embed code.
The screencasts hosted on macosxscreencasts.com won’t play on an iPad/iPhone though. The quality settings, especially for older screencasts, are just too high. Newer ones, like this one should play fine. It took me quite a while to figure out how to encode them correctly. Luckily I had help from a friend.

Why do I write such a long blog posting about something so trivial? Well, in fact this is one of the biggest steps MOSX Projects needed to make, and what I just did is the result of about 6 months of work. (Figuring out the correct encoding settings, figuring the HTML5 player out, etc.) I have annoyed so many support people, some of them weren’t very useful nor friendly, but that’s just how human work, I believe.
Anyway, the screencasts should play, and in the future should also play on your iDevice. In case you want to make my weekend become awesome, please consider a donation. (No PayPal account required)

  1. Why not using regular expressions? Because I used about 4 or 5 different embedding codes and needed to make sure that all article use the same embedding code.