12/11/12 11:44:46

Second Donation

Second donation made. The donation was made earlier, but I wanted to reflect on this and let you know how the Red Cross is actually helping. Now that the hurricane isn’t #1 in the news anymore.

The second payment was €90, but I rounded that number up, including the first payment, to €333.3. That means my second donation was actually $135.
My payment wasn’t quite as high as Apple’s, but I was glad to give for a good cause. The Red Cross has raised $168 million in total.

I wanted this paragraph to be a glorious elaboration on the good things the Red Cross is doing, but found that many people feel like the Red Cross hasn’t met their expectations. I feel sorry for those who feel mistreated. I am aware that the Red Cross may not have handled the situation as well as they could have in some instances, but i feel the money was good invested.

In the end, I think, all that matters was to give when others needed help. No matter whether there were better alternatives. I don’t regret my decision, nor making the payment.

I’m quite happy how this turned out. The Red Cross has helped many people. MacStories Viticci and Chris Herbert were a big help. I highly recommend you subscribe to MacStories. Great articles from awesome people. I’m looking forward to work with them in the future.

For now though, I have to hide myself in the studios to finish some screencasts. I also got an announcement to make regarding a new mind mapping webinar.

Thanks to everyone who bought the tutorial. I never expected so many good reviews!