12/03/12 21:40:09

Slash Your Reading List

If you are like me, you sometime have a lot to read on your Instapaper/Pocket account. “Just reading” all of them is not that easy sometimes. There are those articles that you always promise yourself “to read one day, just not today”. Those articles accumulate and start to get annoying.

First off all, good news: you’re a normal human being. You function normally. The reason you have stuff to read shows that you are actually interested in increasing you’re knowledge by reading, which is a good thing.

Here’s a technique I’ve come up with in the gym, that’s the place where I usually read my articles or books.

I know it sounds radical, but you have to see it like this. The next time you open up your reading app there are fewer articles. This tip is not about reading less stuff, it is about how you get quicker to the stuff you are interested in, so that you can spend more time with those things that are more important to you.

These two writings are related, but appeared in my subscriptions when I was done writing this. Pure coincidence.

photo credit: taiyofj via photopin cc

  1. I wrote this article in the gym, too.