03/07/11 19:00:07

Tools I use for screencasting: MobileRSS/Reeder

You may wonder why I say Reeder, or MobileRSS for that matter, are tools for screencasting to me.
See, have you ever wondered where I get inspiration for new screencasts? Where I try to keep up with what’s going on in the world of Mac or iOS development?
A couple blogs of developers, a couple “new apps” sites help me being always up-to-date with the iWorld.
So without these I wouldn’t be where I am. Thank you, RSS. You’ve been a dear friend the last almost 10 years.

Though many think MobileRSS (HD) is a ripoff of Reeder, the new 3.1 release sets a new distinction point. Nibirutech has reacted to the harsh critic and I have to say: “Well Reeder team, there’s a new goal to aim for.” The new, not “ripped off”, interface has a couple things I appreciate and wonder why Reeder didn’t have them in the first place.
That combined with multi-user login (The Woman and I share the iPad on vacations), feed management (adding, sorting, subscribing, unsubscribing…) let Reeder look like an outdated chihuahua.

Download MobileRSS

Download Reeder