11/29/12 22:20:16

Send messages and URL's to your Pushover client easily

Today in the morning I tinkered with prowl.sh. I found the repo recently and think it’s a nice script to send Push Notifications to Prowl from just about everything. I never knew what curl -F does. Now I do, and because I do, I forked the repo and submitted a change that adds another script for Pushover.

I couldn’t help myself to make this a slightly more advanced Keyboard Maestro macro.

Download: https://www.box.com/s/v6ym85e1js4zzsrc1h1h

The macro displays a prompt where you can add everything the API supports. Message, title, etc. The most important one for me is the URL. Unfortunately this does not directly redirect right from where the notification is displayed. The app has to be opened first.
At the end of the prompt is a little tick box that reads “Google Chrome redirect”. I figured the way you, and I, want to use this is by dumbly pasting in the URL from any browser. The macro should take care of the redirect. It’s basically an if statement which replaces http or https with the Google Chrome URL scheme.





The box is ticked by default. If you don’t want to have it ticked flip 1 and 0. (or remove it entirely in case you don’t use Chrome at all.)

Note 1: You may add iCab Mobile support this way easily.
Note 2: You can safely remove all parameters you don’t need. I’ve added all of them mainly for completeness. I’ll never use priority or URL title, but device may come in handy.
Note 3: API key for your Pushover client is required.