11/28/12 22:20:27

The Reset

The Reset is a technique I’ve come to known lately. I was actually doing a “reset” once a day before, but now this thing has an actual name.

What is a Reset?

I’ve touched on what a reset is already. It’s basically a tool you can use to get your brain into a neutral position. It is meant to help you get back on track when you are mentally lost in a rabbit hole.

How to do it?

A reset is actually really easy. You try to fill your brain with any kind of thought that is not the thing you are doing at the moment.

Some examples:

There are no rules, as far as I know, the only thing you need to try is “think outside the box”. If you really really really need an app for that. Try Unstuck or Obliquely.

Just 10 minutes can lead to great results and get you back on track quickly.