11/23/12 22:20:00

Make your weblife Zapier

I have to write about Zapier here. I’ve first seen the app when I heard about Pushover. Recently I also stumbled across Gabe’s post on Zapier, which brought the tool again to mind, but it wasn’t until SendToDropbox stopped working before I gave it a try again.

To remind you of my main reason I need/want SendToDropbox. Read the original tutorial on MacStories.

With Zapier, or IFTTT, you can do the same. Zapier is free for 5 “zaps”. The free version has a time limitation and doesn’t include premium services like Basecamp, PayPal, QuickBooks, Zendesk, etc.

But for the thing I want it to do now, it’s good enough. All you have to do is connect Dropbox with Zapier. Add you custom “SendToZapier” email to Contacts.app and you’re good to go. Zapier works as well as SendToDropbox, except that it’s actually working. I sincerely hope SendToDropbox will continue its service, but I doubt it.

This is a referral link for Zapier, which you can click on and do me a favor. I’d appreciate it.

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