11/22/12 09:42:15

Developers of Divvy release Shush - Cough and Push-to-Talk Button in one app

Shush app icon

I’ve been beta testing a little “microphone button” app for a while now. The app is called Shush and is pretty much what I would have wanted from apps like MuteMyMic or Push To Talk. I’m sure this is an app Brett Terpstra would be interested in as well. (Cough button)

Shush works in two ways. It’s either a cough button (mute mic when key is down) or a push-to-talk button. The app works either way. I thought it’s a neat idea and was looking for an app like this for a while. Then I found this little gem on MacDeveloper.net and immediately joined the beta. I saw it grow and now it’s released. I didn’t even realize it’s by Mizage. The developers who brought us Divvy. One of many mac user’s favorites.

Shush is $2.99 on the Mac App Store. Available now.