11/19/12 22:00:28

Keyboard Maestro Macros Repo

Similar to my Launchbar Scripts repository, I’ve been meaning to put one online for Keyboard Maestro fans as well. This weekend I took the time and put it online.

GitHub: km-macros

The repo contains 108 macros at the moment, including my Markdown library. You can browse the repo for inspiration, fork it and contribute, or just download it.

Macros are meant to be imported “folder by folder”, rather than all at once. I’ve tried to make it more convenient for the user by putting all macros in a group labelled “Keyboard Maestro Macros Repo” before exporting. This way they are imported in a group of the same name, so that you can easier find them.

Note however: Some macros have very “commonly” used triggers like F1, ↑, or ↓. In these instances it is best to put the macros in a new group that is only available in one certain application, or a group that can be turned on and off by a separate shortcut. The window manipulation macros are an example of that. The triggers for moving a window by 1px in either direction is simply ↑, ↓, ←, and →. If not put in a new group you won’t be able to use these keys anymore.