10/22/12 11:05:00

Actions is a shortcut manager for your iPad

Actions is a pretty useful app for your iPad. It is basically a shortcut host for a Mac(/Windows PC?). You need to download a client app, then you can assign shortcuts to actions that will be executed on the Mac. Below is the video tour.
I give it a thumbs up, except two things I want to mention: the company name, and the music of the video tour1.

Actions for iPad - Usefool Apps Actions for iPad

  1. Why? What is this music supposed to mean for the audience? A powerful awesome app, introduced with a cute little Ukulele? Come on.
    I actually know why. Licensing such a track is pretty cheap. Small indie devs can’t afford to buy the licensing rights from bigger musicians. The instrument is recorded easily, with cheap equipment and the musician can play it right from their heads, which means production costs of such a track are down as well (comparatively). This music is also just used for pretty much everything currently. You stick out from the masses of competitors by copycating their style. Ya, neither thought I.