10/17/12 13:11:47

Don't whine about QuickTime Pro's loss anymore with Flip Player

Flip4Mac 3 has been released. Its main new feature is not just the WMV encoder, much thought and energy has been put into the upgraded Flip Player. Flip4Mac included its own media player for a while now, but it was never that useful. With Flip4Mac 3 this changes slightly.

When we look at the recent years, media pros regret the introduction of QuickTime X. Although QTX uses newer technology it also misses many features video editors have gotten used to with QuickTime or even QuickTime Pro.
Flip Player, and Flip Player Pro, tries to fill this gap now.

Here’s a list of it’s most compelling features in terms of media editing (only Player Pro and Studio/Studio Pro HD):

Flip Player is $29. There’s a free version available of both components. (WMV playback for QuickTime apps and the separate player app.)