10/13/12 22:06:00

Hazel Tutorial - Disk Image Design

When someone buys the Hazel tutorial this is how the disk image looks like when mounted (bottom). I wanted to make this as close to a software purchase as possible. “Just click and drag to Applications.” As it turns out…media isn’t that straight forward.

You see an earlier version on top, but I found out that iTunes doesn’t import PDF metadata. This would have been great. I could have set author and document name in the PDF and when the customer drags it to iTunes it would get sorted automatically. It turns out though, that iTunes ignores pretty much all metadata. “Pretty much” meaning that only the filename will be preserved as name of song.1
I searched for ways to make the PDF show up in iTunes with metadata, but there was no answer to my problem. I didn’t want to make the E-book an ePub since there is no native ePub viewer on OS X. So I changed the disk image design. This time only giving a slight hint where the files will be located after import.

Not perfect, but delivering video + other media isn’t easy, because there’s always a problem when multiple media gets sent. That’s why we had these CD-ROM’s with menus in the 90’s. Remember those?

  1. Just how everything is a song in iTunes…