08/31/12 14:24:29

Avid Studio iPad App becomes Pinnacle Studio. Grab it now, it's free.

After its announcement that Avid will be focusing on the high-end professional market, the company gradually sells its consumer and low-end professional products.

One of the last contestants of this sell out is Avid’s Avid Studio iPad app which now has been re-released by Corel as Pinnacle Studio.
The app is currently free, so grab it now. Avid Studio (or Pinnacle Studio as it’s now called) is a fantastic professional iPad video editor.

I don’t know why Avid does these things. It as though they won’t see the writing on the wall. Is it so in obvious that these mobile computers will replace, or at least integrate very tightly, with desktop computers?

Anyway. Another thing that I’d like to mention is how Corel handles the “transition”. Making the app free until September, 18th. I suspect the app will stay free or be kept cheap but will get some additional In-App Purchases to add functionality to the app.