08/15/12 20:24:03

Keyboard Maestro Macro: Symbolic Link

After my woes with my hard disk recently (and after having an awesome birthday!), I decided to do myself some good and purchase a SSD.1

I decided to go for a double-drive configration in my MacBook Pro. Here’s a good article by Matt Gemmell describing things you might want to consider.

The method he proposes uses symbolic links. I didn’t like the Terminal typing and came up with a Keyboard Maestro for this.
I’m using the “Prompt for user input” action to get the source and destination for the link. Just drag any file from the Finder to the text fields and Keyboard Maestro will insert their POSIX path.

Note: Version 5.3.2 has a bug where it doesn’t accept drag operations from the Finder unless the text field is highlighted! To make a destination become active, select its text field.

The macro runs ln -s "source" "target" (source and target will be enclosed in double quotes) on the Shell.



The macro

  1. I went for the Crucial M4 256GB.