08/14/12 11:10:36

"Move to Trash" for Mountain Lion's iCloud Documents

On Mountain Lion apps can also manage documents right within an application. Apps have the ability to move, rename and duplicate documents.
The only problem is, at least I couldn’t find it, there’s no option to delete documents (quickly) as well.

Let’s suppose you’re drafting an email in Byword. Now you select the message and press ⇧⌃M to send it to your spouse.
After the message is sent you can ⌘O to show the Open dialog, then right click the draft to delete it.

That doesn’t “flow” naturally for me. Open to delete a file? For me deleting means move to Trash. But when I go FileMove to…, the list doesn’t include “Trash” (by default).
The list of folders contains all of Finder’s sidebar items though, which we’re going to use here.

  1. Go to Finder, New Window ⌘N, and Go to Folder… ⇧⌘G
  2. Type “~/.Trash”
  3. Click the blue folder icon in the top of the window and drag it to the sidebar.

From now on, whenever you select Move to… you have easy access to the Trash folder allowing you to delete files instantly.
The only downside I could find is that OS X doesn’t ask whether you’re really sure you want to delete the file. So be warned!

Note: You can even set an Application Shortcut (System Preferences) for: BywordTrash⇧⌘T.