01/02/11 19:03:06

iTunes 10 Tip: Show in Finder Keyboard Shortcut

To give iTunes 10 its “Reveal in Finder” or, as it is named now, “Show in Finder” keyboard shortcut back go to System Preferences and open the Keyboard Preference Pane.
Add (+ symbol) a new keyboard shortcut for:

Click Add. In this example the keyboard shortcut will be ⇧⌘R. As many will remember the previous shortcut was ⌘R, but ⌘R won’t work.
In iTunes 10 ⌘R is used by iTunes DJ and the iTunes Store to Reload and Refresh Page.
So if you rather not want to memorize a new shortcut you have to remap those two first, before ⌘R will be a possible shortcut for Show in Finder.
I find the second solution a bit tedious and awkward as ⌘R is also used in almost every application to refresh or reload content, so I decided to use a different shortcut for Reveal in Finder.