06/21/12 10:35:35

Released: TextExpander 4.0

An new app we’ve been working has just been released: TextExpander 4.0!

Among the many anticipated new features is one I’m personally proud of. The Auto-Correct group has been vastly improved. It now features two major new languages, German and French.

The German group has two parts. There’s the general auto-correction group, which simply corrects the most common typos, and the “new spelling rules” (Neue Rechtschreibung) group, which is an optional second group.
The new spelling rules automatically corrects words from our old language rules to the new ones. If you found it hard to make the switch yet, turn this group on and simply learn your way through the new spelling by letting TextExpander help you.

My thanks go to the team of Smile Software, Nicolas Rolland (@BZHGeek) who made the the French Auto-Correct group, and Sascha (@nggalai) and Nadine (@PimpYouMac) for reviewing the German Auto-Correct group.

Get the app now.

New features:

One last thing: No, I wasn’t involved in making the tutorial (unfortunately).