04/02/12 20:59:00

Screencaster's tip: Use shortcuts to select ScreenFlow's property panels

Following up on my post on switching TextExpander’s Abbreviation Mode With Shortcuts, I used the same technique to switch the different property panels in ScreenFlow. (Why Telestream, oh why, is there no shortcut already built-in???)

They “click” at a specific area calculated from the window’s upper right corner, which means you can resize the window and they’re still going to work.
You can use these macros as template to build more “non-standard” keyboard shortcuts.1

If necessary, set the Macro Group to only be available in ScreenFlow. They use the F1-F6 key to select the different tabs.

Oh, and I’ve included one that I always run before I do my editing in ScreenFlow. I called it “Make it zoom!” (available from Keyboard Maestro’s menubar icon) which does three things: zoom front windows, zoom canvas to original size, and zoom timeline to fit.


  1. Ever wanted that you can just type “z” and the “Zoom” text field in the Video Properties would be selected? Now you can do that…