03/26/12 21:59:00

The new Mac OS X Screencasts icon

About three weeks ago I got an email from Apple saying they removed the German Mac OS X Screencasts Podcast from the Store. I didn’t manage to get in touch earlier than last Thursday. I was told the podcast “uses an Apple product in its feed”. My guess was they meant the logo. It got worse on Friday when they removed the English feed as well.

So I decided to go to work and make a new logo. This is the old one as a reference:

It was fine for the last 3 years. But let’s not complain about that. I tried to embrace the change and use it to my advantage. I always wanted to change it slightly since I went professional with screencasting in late 2010. zCasting uses a cute, little robot as its icon.1


With this I was trying to bring those two projects closer together by using a more similar logo. Mac OS X Screencasts now is a big screen, with two apps in the Dock, one is highlighted and is named Mac OS X Screencasts.

What I like about the new logo, it hints at the eyes as being icons used in the Dock of an OS X computer. That was the original idea for the zCasting 3000 logo.

I’m now trying to get the English Podcast back into the Store.

  1. Which can be viewed upside down. You can have either “hair on top” or “teeth on the bottom”. My girlfriend and several other people prefer it this way. 

  2. Click the image to see the other version.