02/16/12 20:30:06

Ever since I used Lion for the first time, Launchpad felt like shit work.

It doesn’t sort automatically, organizing apps takes ages, unnecessary apps show up by default (Uninstaller.app, anyone?), sometimes apps are deleted and new apps “install” themselves on a page where others disappeared from(which essentially means it takes more time finding an app), etc.
I could go on to moan about Launchpad, but what it boils down to: there’s something on my Mac that is harder and more inefficient to use than it benefits. So I disabled it.

If you want to do the same thing. Go to System PreferencesTrackpad and disable the check mark right next to Launchpad.

Then open a new Finder window, go to Applications and drag the folder to the right side of the Dock. Right click and choose Display asFolder.
Just as it used to be prior to OS X Lion.

Frankly not as convenient, and fast, as pinching with 5 fingers, but it does the job much better than Launchpad.1
Let’s just hope this thing either improves dramatically, or dies a sudden Sherlock death.

  1. I’m pretty sure you can set up a gesture/script-thingy that opens the Applications stack with BetterTouchTool though.
    UPDATE: I found an AppleScript that does just that, but BetterTouchTool is still a horrible tool.
    UPDATE2: Here’s a Keyboard Maestro macro for it.. Note that you might want to add a delay in your AppleScript. This was causing a problem on my machine.