01/03/12 20:33:06

Scrivener Tip: Edit Files in an External Editor

A feature that I sometimes forget when researching a topic is that Scrivener is able to edit files externally. This allows you to import any PDF, image, or text files into your Binder and edit them in another application.
Just right click its icon in the Binder and choose Open → in External Editor and Scrivener will open that file in the editor specified in Finder’s Info box1. The good thing is that “these files will be stored in your project, turning it into a hub for all your file types.” (Scrivener Manual, p. 16)

Unfortunately this feature doesn’t work for text documents created within Scrivener. Otherwise our Markdown dreams were entirely fulfilled. (There are certain problems involved, because Scrivener edits rich text, whereas Markdown files are generally plain text. Text conversion is a huge problem for Scrivener. Literature and Latte has put a lot of work getting External Folder Sync working2. Guess we just have to wait a little longer.)

  1. Edit one PDF in Adobe, the other in Preview or Skim 

  2. Chapter 13, “Cloud Integration and Sharing”, of the Scrivener Manual by the way.