12/29/11 09:31:00

Download (almost) any video with Safari

I don’t know anymore where I found this trick, but I was quite surprised this was not posted in this blog here.
You can use a little Safari trick to download (almost) any Flash video.

Info: This post is getting quite a lot of traffic, so I updated it on 2012-10-01. The instructions are now for Safari 6/Mountain Lion and Safari 5/Lion and earlier.

Safari 6

Let’s say you’re at OmniGroup’s OmniPlan’ video tutorials page and want to download their videos:

Other videos:

If the above didn’t work.

Here’s a short video showing how to use the recording function. The video looks a bit better in fullscreen. Sorry for the bad quality.

Save FLV files in Safari 6. on Twitpic

Safari 5

A new download should be initiated, which you can view in the Downloads popover. (View → Downloads)
This method works for many other video sites as well. Most times you don’t even need a special extension for this.

  1. To enable developer mode in Safari. Open the preferences and go to Advanced. Check “Show Develop menu in menu bar”.